Nutritious kosher snacks and hot kosher lunches are served daily, in accordance with Canada's Food Guide to Healthy Eating.
Allergies are of paramount importance to us. All our meals are nut free.

A sample menu for a typical day at Early Beginnings would be:

AM Snack: Bagels, cream cheese, fresh fruit, 2% milk

Lunch: Stir fry chicken with rice and vegetables, raw cucumbers, tomatoes, water

PM Snack: Seasonal fruit, fresh carrot loaf, water

**When our students have a birthday, our cook prepares delicious and fun birthday treats for the student to share with his/her class.
Parent-bought cakes and snacks are, unfortunately, not permitted.**

 Our Weekly Menu

2107-18 UPDATED School year menu.ppt 2107-18 UPDATED School year menu.ppt
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 Our Summer Menu

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Payment Schedule

July & August 2018

Per Diem:             Toddler: $56.50             Preschooler: $45.75

Method of Payment:

We accept cheques or money orders. Fees are due on the 1st of the month. You can split your payments in two and date your second cheque for the last working day of the month but for bookkeeping purposes we need your payments at the beginning of the month. Cheques are deposited on the 15th and the last working day of the month. Postdated cheques are recommended. 


 Toddler Fee:                     1st                       OR           1st & last working day of month  


July 22 days @ $56.50         $1,243.00                  $621.50       $621.50 (July 31)

 Aug 23 days @ $56.50         $1,299.50                 $649.75       $649.75 (Aug 31)


  Preschool Fee:                      1st                  OR         1st & last working day of month

July 22 days @ $45.75           $1,006.50                    $503.25      $503.25 (July 31)       

August 23 days @ $45.75       $1,052.25                    $526.25     $526.00 (Aug 31)














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