Mandate of the board


The Early Beginnings Board of Directors:

•Provides overall direction to the daycare through the development of broad polices, strategies and objectives.    
•Takes actions and makes decisions to ensure there are sufficient and appropriate human and financial resources for the daycare to accomplish its work.

•Builds strong relationships with the Ottawa Jewish community, in particular with organizations whose primary responsibility is the education and development of children.

•Works with the Director of Early Beginnings to promote the daycare and advocate on its behalf. 


Meet the Board of Directors 


NAME                            POSITION

Sandy Deyo                    Executive Director

Joel Kom                         President

Randy Greenstone           Vice President

Stephanie Levitz               Secretary

Larry Hasson                   Treasurer

Sara Miller                     Member at large

Randy Slepchik             Member at large

Ilana goldfarb                 Member at large

Hadar Herman                Member at large

Shirlee Engel                 Member at large

Ian Appel                       Member at large

Message from the Director:


Welcome to the Early Beginnings family! I use the word “family” because that’s what Early Beginnings is to me; a big family. I am proud to say that since we first opened our doors in 1989 we have provided a positive first learning experience to several hundred children in Ottawa’s Jewish and greater community. Our primary goal is to provide a caring, fun, stimulating, and educational environment. The qualified and enthusiastic staff create a setting where children will form their first friendships and learn things that they will carry with them throughout their lifetime; such as respect for others, acceptance, and inclusion.

Your child will be welcomed into our Early Beginnings family and start onto his/her path of fun and learning.

Sandy Deyo, RECE





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